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Grandview 15" Ultra Plush Euro Top

Grandview 15" Ultra Plush Euro Top

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Designed to deliver an immediate plush, soft feel. Featuring comforting softness combined with ergonomic support for your best night's Sleep.

10 Year Manufacturer Warranty 

Whats inside.

  1. Custom- Milled cover 
  2. Soft Omnisense™ Quilt Foam (2 Layers)
  3. MicroCoils
  4. Graphite-Insufed Memory Foam
  5. Soft Omnisense™ SIlhouette Comfort Foam
  6. Plush Advanced IsoCore™ Support System w/ Edge Zoning 
  7. Medium SupportSense™ Support Foam
  • Custom Milled Fabrics and Quality Covers : Custom-Milled fabrics chosen for durability and comfort, Dual Quilted layers create cradling comfort, added pressure relief and improved durability.
  • Omnisense™ Foam : Fast response for immediate comfort and relaxation, long-lasting and resistant to body impressions.
  • MicroCoils: Micro-coils move individually for personalized contouring, ultra-responsive fee and improved sleep surface durability.
  • Graphit-infused Memory Foam: Cool sleep surface and consistant comfort, all the comfort and contouring you expect from memory foam with the added thermal conductivity of Graphit.
  • OmniSense™ Silhouette Foam: Fast Response with immediate comfort and relaxation. Long-Lasting and resistant to  Body Impression.
  • Advanced IsoCore™ Support System With Edge Zoning: Unique design Ergonomically Supports the body and reduces motion transfer. open design ensures airflow and breathability.
  • SupportSense™ Foam: Delivers a comfortable sleep surface with firm support.
  • Always CertiPur-Us®  Certified Foams : Certified foams made without Harmful Chemicals.
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