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E255 Adjustable bed base

E255 Adjustable bed base

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  • Independentheadincline:0-60°

  • Independentfootincline0-45°

  • 15-inchheightfromfloortotopof base; includes 12-inch legs; modular legs available in additional sizes

  • Wirelessremotecontrol

  • Threepresetpositions:ZeroGravity,

    Anti-Snore, and Flat

  • Twoprogrammablepositionscanbe customized and saved

  • Truezeroclearance;removethe legs to place directly on foundations, platform bases, slat beds, or ground

  • Upholstered two-tone black color Adjustable Base

750-pound weight capacity on all sizes

Setupin15minutesfromstart to finish

10-year limited warranty guarantees high-quality construction

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Elevate your sleep with an adjustable base

Raise your expectations and your sleep, by lifting the top and/ or bottom of your mattress. Adjustable bases provide targeted support and help provide pain reliefe

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