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Carraway Elite Pillow Top

Carraway Elite Pillow Top

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High quality mattresses built in America, the Renue Performance™ line brings comfort, choice and confidence-using only the best material components and certified foams. Enjoy year after year of durable performance and your best sleep with Renue Performance.


CoolingGel™ Memory Foam

  • All the pressure-relieving properties of Memory Foam with cooling gel-infusion for a cooler sleep surface
  • Self-contouring and responsive, delivering ergonomic support

OmniSense™ Comfort Foam

  • Fast response for immediate comfort and relaxation
  • Long-lasting and resistant to body impressions

SupportSense™ Comfort Foam

  • Delivers a comfortable sleep surface with firm support
  • Long-lasting and resistant to body impressions

FlexErgo™ Support Core

  • Individual coils absorb motion and move independently for less sleep disruption
  • Engineered with super-strong support coils to provide consistent sleep surface with edge-to-edge support

Always CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams Custom-Milled Fabric and Quality Cover


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Elevate your sleep with an adjustable base

Raise your expectations and your sleep, by lifting the top and/ or bottom of your mattress. Adjustable bases provide targeted support and help provide pain reliefe

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